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The advancements in web and mobile app development are significant, but today’s ads haven’t kept up with the pace of innovation.

Most ad technology focuses on targeting consumers and largely ignores the creative itself—resulting in poorly performing campaigns and a less-than-satisfactory user experience. Flite’s all-in-one platform means you can see the ad building process through from start to finish.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and his merry band of cops are back and giving crime a good kick in the keister.

When we last saw them, he and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) had been forced into a witness protection programme after a crime boss threatened their lives.

He added he'd "do it even better" if given another chance.

The Hawks are investigating whether a damning video showing assault and harassment of a senior SARS official who received key documents that could damage the state's investigation into Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was staged.

SA Revenue Service (SARS) commissioner Tom Moyane‚ Lieutenant-General Berning Ntlemeza “and the Hawks criminal gang that took an honest SARS official hostage must be removed with immediate effect”‚ the Congress of the People said on Friday.

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