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A driver making a sudden stop at an intersection, for example, may cause another driver to crash into his rear bumper or trunk.

Another driver may pull out of a driveway without looking for oncoming traffic, creating a hazard for other drivers.

Drivers should take pictures of the damage and position of the vehicles to bolster any future legal claims.

After a fender bender, assuming that no one got hurt and that the cars aren't blocking traffic, it's best for the people involved to take notes on the appearance of both cars as well as the area where the accident happened.

This includes things like the street address, weather conditions, and any traffic signs or speed limit signs.

For this reason, drivers may try to settle the cost of damages between themselves, though this is not legal in all areas and is generally not recommended.

A fender bender is so named because the fenders often receive the bulk of the damage in typical accidents.

The result could be a low-speed collision on the passenger side.

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