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Wi Fi takes to the skies in the form of Aquila, a self-piloting Facebook drone with a wingspan greater than that of a Boeing 737.

State CIOs are not immune to the enterprise transformation issues that are hitting IT organizations everywhere.

If successful, the results could transform the type of services government agencies can offer citizens. Companies in all industries know they need a strong bench of data science talent to have any hope of becoming the next Uber or Netflix.

Businesses use bots to engage with customers, online and via social media, because they're a cost-effective way to respond instantly to simple queries. With more demand than supply, here's what you need to know about recruiting the best and brightest.

Most organizations lack the tools and processes to handle external cyberattacks -- which lie outside a company's firewalls.

Such attacks primarily leverage digital channels, and responsibility for monitoring these channels often falls outside traditional IT and security functions.

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