Facetime sex now no registry

by  |  18-Apr-2016 20:59

Florida is among the harshest states in regards to punishment for sex offenders, and requires those it deems a potential repeat offender to stay at the center for additional time following their jail sentence.

When we walk into the FCCC’s main entrance, the first thing we see is a large poster announcing a sexual-abuse awareness fundraiser among residents and staff. The room is large and sterile, with white tables, blue chairs and vending machines pushed up against one wall.

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It’s late March when Lauren Book and I head into the bowels of the Florida Civil Commitment Center (FCCC), armed with loose-leaf paper, pencils and the knowledge that we are about to sit face to face with three of the most dangerous sexually violent predators in the state.

“This is the most manipulative crowd on the planet,” says Kristin Kanner, director of the Florida Department of Children and Families’ Sexually Violent Predator Program.

Her father, Ron Book, routinely referred to as one of the most powerful lobbyists in Florida, was not happy about that trip.

“I just don’t like exposing her to the population,” he explains.

“These are people one step away from killing a kid.

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