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Crocker drove in the Craftsman Truck Series for Evernham Motorsports last year and began dating Evernham early in the season.But if I sit here and say to somebody, 'Look, she's got a lot of talent, you should sponsor her,' my credibility is not good because of the personal relationship," he said.Evernham, who turns 50 in August, began dating the 26-year-old Crocker last season.

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"The proper thing to do and something her and I would like to do is move her to another race team."I think the girl has a lot of talent.

"What happened was a lot of the stuff that was written and said and reported probably had people form opinions that were necessarily not true. I felt we were very professional about everything we did and continue to be."But people are going to draw their opinions based on what the media reports.

And that affects sponsorships and the perception of the quality of people you get to work on the car along with the quality of the sponsorship," he said.

43 team of Petty Enterprises."I believe in her," Evernham said. She's talked to some Busch teams, some Truck teams.

"We're trying to support her through her ARCA program.

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