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Turns out, the dog likes Doritos as much as the rest of the family.

These little infants made their on-screen debuts at a young age and used their pudgy cheeks and lovable antics to help companies boost their sales. Marketing veeps know that us humans are hardwired to find babies utterly irresistible (even when they’re naughty) and advertisers have no problem using this to their advantage when it comes time to get creative with Super Bowl commercials.

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Thank goodness that Kia is around to help patch up a very awkward situation.

Even if finance isn't your thing, the voice over and the hilarious expressions from this adorable baby make it well worth watching.

For years, viewers have tuned into the NFL's Super Bowl as much to see what the advertisers roll out as how the two teams vying for the sport's top prize perform. Each time that NBC cuts away from Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and New England Patriots a hush will come over most Super Bowl parties as everyone -- and not just the diehard sports fans with a rooting (or betting) interest -- focuses entirely on the ads.

Will advertisers bring more babes – I mean babies – back to star in Super Bowl 2016?

Meanwhile a look back at the best baby commercials from Super Bowl’s past…. In this memorable car commercial, a young boy asks his father where babies come from.

Etrade speed dating super bowl commercial

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