Early stages in dating

by  |  30-Jul-2016 11:27

Also, being too clingy too soon is a warning sign for most guys. They think that their vagina is the end all and be all and that their sex will be enough to entangle him without him actually having any authentic feelings for you.

Granted it might get his attention for a short period of time but your sex will not guarantee his interest or a long lasting relationship if one at all.

And when you start dating someone, that’s the foundation.

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It’s no secret that many men, (well, most even) are afraid of commitment.

They want to play the field, keep their options open, have their hands in a few pots, and a bunch of other metaphors, etc., etc..

Stop talking about your ex Jermaine and how he cheated on you with the slutty girl that lives next door to you and now you can never trust another man again. Expecting too much from the man that you are dating can be a big turn off.

Granted, at some point, if you do have trust issues, you can express that to him but focusing on your exes and their drama early on can be a turn off for anyone. There is nothing wrong with you letting him know how you expect to be treated, respected and courted.

The problems begin when you expect him to pay your rent after dating for 3 weeks. That is where the difference between wanting to be courted turns into an unrealistic expectation. Plus, do you really want to be with someone who is that naive? Expecting A Relationship After Sex Just because you slept together, does not mean that there is a relationship established.

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