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Seriously, the FBI should only recruit in Rosewood because everyone is an expert at stalking people without getting caught. The writers want us to believe it's Noel, so naturally we should look at anyone else.23. How were all of these people stalking the girls yet no one caught the murderer after them? club was still taking secret video footage of their every move.29.

She was keeping quite a secret too — Charlotte has another biological sibling. During the same time period Mona was following them as A, Charlotte was following them as A, Jessica was "looking for Ali", Ezra was doing "book research," Uber A was out to get them, basically all the police force was trying to find a reason to arrest them, and most likely N. If any of the above people tracking the girls every move were good, WHY would they not turn in the murderer already?

Read more ' Pretty Little Liars' Creator, Star on Finale's "Dead People," "Absolute Closure" in "A" Reveal Ce Ce explains that her father never allowed her to live the life she wanted, and he sent her to Radley to not have to deal with her.

The police force naturally didn't look into Sara's (Dre Davis) obvious murder, and instead declared no foul play.

Actually, they just left the room of the crime open to anyone who wanted to enter including Hanna (Ashley Benson), Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), Spencer, and Noel (Brant Daugherty). Personally, I'm hoping in the finale we find out that all the previous red herrings were evil all along — Mona (Janel Parrish), Noel, Toby (Keegan Allen), Ezra (Ian Harding), Charlotte (Vanessa Ray), Ian (Ryan Merriman), Garrett (Yani Gellman), Melissa (Torrey De Vitto), Wren (Julian Morris), Jason (Drew Van Acker).

The episode revealed that "A" — who has been stalking and violently tormenting the Liars for the duration of the series — is Charles Dilaurentis, who is a transgender woman going by the name Charlotte.

When Charlotte introduced herself to the Liars, she changed her name to Ce Ce Drake (Vanessa Ray).

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