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There are many factors at play deep primitive drives bewildering biochemical impulses and it seems even death defying feats may have a role to play Speed dating MC: Welcome to Mint Bar and Dining for Fast Impressions Elite Speed Dating.

Narration: Tonight, were sending our love-challenged threesome Speed Dating, to watch them in action.

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We find out if pheromones (the smells of desire) can really turn on the partner of your dreams; whether fear is the ultimate aphrodisiac; and whether the body often says what the lips would never dare to mention?

Theres a lot of fun and a few anxious moments as we pull out all the stops in getting our subjects the dates they so desperately desire. And who gets the Prince Charming or the Princess Perfect theyve always dreamed of?

Narration: Meet three of Australias estimated 4.8 million single adults Catriona Hwei and Michael.

Theyre part of the fastest growing demographic in the country with the number of people living alone predicted to double in the next 20 years.

In this episode, three human guinea pigs are put through their paces in the lab of love.

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