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But if it were a Christian, saved and living a holy life, we could not suck his blood, if we tried to do it, the spirit of the Christian would intercede for that person and especially with a hymn and I would burn.And then we would throw a ring before the driver who would lose concentration and the car would do the barrels, people would die and the chief would get the blood.But as new recruits, we do not live off that blood. Leaders spend most time in the rivers; they go into space only when there are revival meetings and other events of the Church. We, young recruits lived off the blood that we sucked on ordinary people living on earth.

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The victim then feels tired and somewhat depressed and they may think they have a tough day, but it is mainly because a devil worshiper is sucking their blood in the world of darkness, but the victim does not die.

There are different ranks in space, there are devil worshipers in churches who do not know they represent the devil, and there are devil worshipers who can leave their physical bodies to go around in the spiritual world; I was in this second category.

I started having dreams in my sleep where I was fighting like in the movies and triumphed in the battles in an urban area.

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Satanic Worshiper Are More Devout Than US / Confessions Of An Idol Worshiper (1) (2) (3) (4) I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I'm from Nzimakwe and I was a graded in the space for 12 years. I worked in space since childhood and I climbed the ladder all the time.

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