Deaf mute dating

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Many people outside the deaf community don’t realize that hearing ability is on a spectrum in the deaf community, and that folks who are deaf don’t all use the same forms of communication.

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“Wow you speak so well for a Deaf person.” If you really want to comment on their speech, say it a different way. What are some of the hard things about using a hearing aid? You ever watched a movie where the soundtrack was loud, but you couldn’t hear the actors? Or, pretend you’re in a crowded cafeteria and you’re trying to hear the person across from you. If there isn’t you can write what you want to say to them.

The offensive part is “for a Deaf person.” “You must be really smart to be able to talk.” Again, if you want to comment on their speech you could say, “you speak really well.” or “You must have worked really hard on your speech.” “Why don’t you get a cochlear implant? “You have hearing aids, shouldn’t you hear normally now? Assume they know every deaf person in the world – or care that you know someone that knows someone that has a deaf friend Try to find some other fun ways to connect with them.

Do you struggle to know what is the right and wrong thing to say to a Deaf person? It can cause them to feel isolated and unimportant. I don’t think they’re doing it just to those that are Deaf.

You remember the list of 13 Things to Never Say to a Deaf Person I wrote a while back?

” You could ask them about the assistive devices they do use. ” If you’re truly wanting to know about their hearing aids, ask them a more in-depth and specific question.

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