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and it also probably includes the most TECHNIQUES of any program I've released.It's around 20 hours long, and it's approximately half "Inner Game" and half technique.See, I don't think that there's "only one way" to meet women. who will give you a lot of different approaches and techniques to try. This was one of the first pieces of the domino that put in motion a chain of reaction that I'm still reaping the benefits in my personal life today.

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many of which might not "seem" like they're important to meeting women (but they are).

In this program, I describe and explain what I consider to be the "Master Key" to success with women.

What makes this program very SPECIAL is that I address some very "big picture" aspects of life...

and of creating a life that makes you AUTOMATICALLY attractive to women...

It's the program that is also the most CHALLENGING.

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