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If you find it difficult to sexually escalate a conversation, struggle to kiss close, or fail to get girls coming back home with you, this course will provide you with the skills to make your seduction rejection-proof.

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Whether you want to meet and attract more women, learn seduction skills, improve your text game, embrace online dating, or get a girlfriend… So rather than you wasting hours trawling online for the answers, you can find them here. Because I’m gonna share with you my favourite material that helped me get to where I am today.

The very best courses in: Meeting and Attracting Women The Tao of Badass – by Joshua Pellicer The Tao of Badass is a famous step-by-step system for meeting and attracting women.

If you struggle with approach anxiety or find it difficult to initiate conversation it gives you the toolset you need to become a more attractive man who can approach any woman he desires.

You start dating a girl you really like but you can’t make her your girlfriend It totally sucks! So on this page you’ll find my top recommended courses to learn from.

In the process I found out EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t.

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