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by  |  19-Feb-2015 21:51

It took about 30 pages to really get interested in the story.

Overall grade - B- The story is well written, funny and witty.

Katie, gets an extreme makeover, making people notice her, shes now a man magnet! Things get put of hand, she starts to fight with her best friend- Matt- who is in love with her and doesnt enjoy seeing her going out with a new guy everyday, as well as fighting with her spunky mom- Vikki. The whole procces gets Katies to see a message every teen should know- What is it? Reading this book was the most fun I've ever had reading a novel! I picked up THE DATING DIARIES at the library a few days ago, and I really liked it.

THE DATING DIARIES is all about Katie James (or Jaymes, which is how her way out there mother likes to spell it).

THE DATING DIARIES is cute, but the ending is predictable.

I liked most of the characters (Frankie, Blue, and Matt probably being the most memorable), but the beginning was slow.

This novel is about tomboy- Katie Jaymes, Who just broke up with her boyfriend of five years- Paul- or now referred to as "weedkiller." Katies decides to make up time that she lost with weedkiller by having twelve dates in six weeks, to fall in love- in time for prom.

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