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by  |  16-Feb-2015 20:03

The supercar drivers put their foot to the floor creating dust clouds of smoke for the circling fans lit up by the world famous revolving advertising boards, the Piccadilly Lights.

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They drove into London from east London area before bringing traffic to a halt at around 6.50pm.

In a video from the event Shabs Ahmad says: ' Organiser Shabs Kream Ahmad says Piccadilly Boy Racers pride themselves on giving crowds a experience 'they've never seen before'.

The brothers who run the secret club of self-confessed 'boy racers' who caused gridlock on Piccadilly Circus last night said today they are the 'responsible' face of supercars and blamed the public for the jam.

Drivers in Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys worth more than £1.6million stopped traffic in the West End for 15 minutes so they could take selfies and pose with their cars.

Kash told Mail Online he spoke to the police last night and said they were 'quite happy' with the behaviour of the group and said they only stopped because pedestrians 'swamped' them.

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