Dating unemployed men how to spot a dating site scammer

by  |  25-Feb-2015 22:55

◊♦◊ Next I am asked, rather impossibly, to summarize my personality type in one word. “Hedonist” is in some ways reflective of my outlook, but could result in undesirable sexual advances, or women thinking I am only after one thing.

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— My current unemployed status is part of a bold choice that I have made to leave a dead-end job in search of something more fulfilling. For some reason there isn’t space to put “High-functioning, mildly autistic ex-Merchant Navy navigator with medical exclusion seeking career change toward satellite navigation technology after wasting the last two and a half years fielding complaint calls in a dead-end job” so I just go with “Entrepreneur”.

That, combined with my relationship status of “single” offers a perspective on the unique challenge of online dating and the perils and pitfalls of the “What do you do? ◊♦◊ With equal parts terror and excitement, I click “sign up” and begin to fill in an unending series of psychometric analyses and personality profiling questions. I recently read somewhere, probably incorrectly, that this was one of the sexiest careers a man can have.

(Free-thinker was an option but that can convey a multitude of sins – thinking freely does not necessarily imply quality or focus of thought.) Choosing some vaguely suitable photographs of me looking happy and doing active things that reflect my desire for a similarly go-getting mate, I mean partner, I move on to the “Bio”.

So many options here about how to present myself; need to be funny, need to be truthful (someone’s got to be and that white lie is still playing heavily on my mind), need to leave some questions unanswered to develop a sense of intrigue.

I reveal that I live in a log cabin and redact the part about not having hot water, a shower or a flushing toilet (compost is the way to go guys, seriously, the environment doesn’t like you purifying 15+ liters of water per day to a drinkable standard for the sole purpose of throwing it down a sewer) and mention the Shetland ponies that graze the paddock in which my cabin is situated because who doesn’t love ponies?!

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