Dating text messages men

by  |  10-Nov-2014 10:38

And I hate the stilted conversations that occur when you already them in the first place, but it's rough to go from 20-plus messages a day to nada.

And while I know I have a choice to respond to these inane messages, I don't want to seem rude by preemptively shutting down the conversation. I also appreciate the validation, the feeling that some guy connects with me so deeply he simply can't help but send me 20 texts a day.

But, from a practical point of view, the torrent of texts is distracting me from work—not to mention talking to my real friends.

I'm late on a deadline, waiting for several work-based communications, and my phone keeps vibrating.

There's a Kik message from Graham, complaining about the temperature in his office.

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