Dating stuart minature steam engines england

by  |  11-Jun-2016 02:56

Stuarts are NOT toy steam pieces as many engines in this collection, they are machinist built models and thus more akin to miniatures of the real thing.

Each of the Stuarts in this collection were machined and assembled by someone other than me.

The unique feature Watt brought to bear was a mechanical linkage named the "parallel motion" which can be seen as a series of interconnected rods off of the right end of the rocking beam in the photo below and straight on in the end shot that follows.

This is a pretty sizeable engine in it's own right with the following key specs:- length 13 inches, height 12 inches and width 6 inches.

It weighs about 12 pounds- flywheel is 7 inches in diameter, with bore at 1 inch, stroke at 2 inches I will most likely never know the Englishman who machined this piece so carefully, as I found my engine via e Bay and a secondary owner in Mar. Through the assistance of good friend Odilon Marcenaro, it was packaged securely for the trip from the UK to Indiana...making it in a record 5 days.

I'm delighted with the build quality of this example which also features a working governor, but how I'd love to meet whoever made it.

Sir, if you ever sees this webpage, please know it has found a proper home.

I can only wish I had the skill and shop equipment necessary to do this type of quality work.

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