review of dating sites uk - Dating someone who smokes pot

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Anyone else out there putting up with a partner who is the same?

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I dont think theres anything wrong with odd smoke..

If you're someone for whom getting baked means getting a little quiet and retreating into the cottony palace of your own mind, then refrain from getting all green-turnt before a first date. But many are still recovering from that guy in high school who would invite us over, blaze up, then leave us sitting awkwardly next to his friend Kyle while he played Goldeneye in his mom's papasan chair. Too much weed enthusiasm too early is akin to picking her up in a Rasta smiley-face shirt you bought on a boardwalk. Yes, all right, fine: the percolating subject of "weed dick" seems to warrant more research, from a physiological standpoint.

There are few things worse than someone who can't handle the breakneck exchange of personal trivia required to avoid the dreaded, lengthy first-date silence. Prove you're not one of those people who enjoys being fucked up in lieu of having a personality. I know plenty of guys capable of doing sex after vaping their faces off.

Much like our own reactions to marijuana, experiences may vary, so my caveat here is: know how well you handle your shit, and proceed accordingly. Most people aren't averse to a little chemical self-soothing on the interpersonal rural carnival ride that is a first hang.

But we're talking nigh undetectable stonage here—not anything she can see in your eyes or smell in your beanie. True, tons of single ladies are waiting for guys with whom they can split edibles while watching a movie where Bradley Cooper is inexplicably a chef. Women find something deeply "instructional health class video" about a guy asking if we're 420-friendly before he even knows our middle name. Second, pot is one of the least sexy drugs, just above model airplane glue.

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