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It is hardly necessary to point out that in a great country like India, with a population of nearly three hundred millions, and a very large number of different races, the customs and ceremonies attending marriage vary very considerably ; we shall presently give a few selected examples of curious customs, but at present we are dealing with the case of an ordinary or typical Hindu wedding.

IT is doubtful whether the Vedas and other ancient sacred books of the Hindus countenance the polygamy which prevails among the richer classes in India, and against this degradation of the sex Hindu marriage ceremonies, which have descended from remote ages, make their constant, albeit useless, protest.

The whole spirit of their marriage ritual is opposed to plurality of wives, and inculcates firm and undeviating allegiance between man and wife.

Addressing the assembled Brahmins, or priests, the father says, " O Brahmins, to this youth, learned in the Vedas; I give my daughter, dressed in gay apparel, and adorned with gems." They answer, So let it be." The father-in-law, having taken the hand of his daughter, now puts it into the hand of the bridegroom and pours over them water, sacred to Vishnu, which has been previously blessed by a priest.

This is perhaps the most solemn and important of all the marriage ceremonies ; for the pouring of water, according to Eastern custom, makes a gift irrevocable.

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