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This meant you wanted to always be seen talking to lots of women – the better to inspire jealousy don’cha know – , making friends with the bartender so you could get free drinks, jumping the line at the door and so forth and so on. not to mention more than a little terrifying if you were even slightly shy or anxious in social situations.

I kept feeling like every eye in the place was on me and I had to keep up the act, for fear that they might realize I was just some dork trying to occupy a cool guy’s body.

At the time, I was mainly meeting women in bars and clubs and I had bought into the idea of social proof – that the more it seemed like I was a big shot at the bar, the better I was going to do with women.

So, in order to keep up one’s social status – according to the theory – you wanted to be seen working the room.

Part of this is understanding where and how to spend your energy and time.

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