Dating mom with kids realty tv

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Child development specialists say that reality kids could be even more at risk than child actors, who face their own struggles with the spotlight but at least reach adulthood armed with a craft and a decent sense of what's a private space and what isn't."A reality child gets famous for, say, saying something ridiculous and is swept up into the spotlight.

In Asia's case, she lobbies with the breezy charm and confidence of a born performer, precisely the kind of temperament that you'd think would thrive in front of a camera.

But mom Kristie Ray still worries — about how the show will portray her daughter, about how best to keep Asia's private life protected in the midst of a circle of cameras. But many have suffered brutal forms of public disintegration: addiction, arrests, trips to psych wards, or simply acting out in unhealthy ways — all meticulously documented worldwide via blogs and social media.

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