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MMODating is certainly a bizarre twist on the whole dating scene, but in a way it's also pretty cool. And we all know that we sleep with our eyes open while sitting in front of the computer or tv playing games. I'm a really fit person I'm certainly not fat or hairy. I don't care if a lot of people would say “health freak” and “gamer” can't be the same person, because that's what I am. So maybe some of them are a little inept when it comes to dating, a lot of them are shy and eager to make they're girlfriends happy, and I find that damn attractive.

Finally, a place to find women who not only won't harass you about your game playing, but will actually join you. But this is very interesting now we have another dating website. Maybe one day she will be the girl that is like me. – by Sarah You people are so one sided its not even funny.

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With odds like that I'd have to be a super-hunk, muscular as all hell, rich as all hell, and have to be into chick fliks to have a remote chance with even an ugly woman there. The geek boys never want the geek girls, they want the cheersleaders. At some point in life some of the geek settle for what they can get. ratio: i know far more then 12 personally, obviously you probably just meet the wrong chicks. Comming around to different sites saying your all that and stereotyping, please, how old are you? if you want a real relationship you will love someone for who they are, so if you want to insult, i suggest one of these 2 1: Kill yourself for being so one sided, or 2: Shut up and get a life.

we just don't post adds on silly dating sites becaues we don't have to. One was a Quake addict, even has a Quake symbol on her back in tattoo form. – by Adder“Some of you guys need to get off your fat butts and go meet a girl the normal way.

I doubt very much that any of these girls are real gamers. You could have at least tried to say “Personality change” or something.

But don't knock gaming girls til you've tried being with someone who doesn't nag you about every little thing. where the ratio of ugly guys to decent looking ones is about the same for the chicks. Geezzzz you freakazoids need to get a personality upgrade” Just for your you, who the fuck says freakazoid and personality upgrade? Obvisously your a geek because you mentioned “upgrade”, which is mainly a computer term.

– by luth I believe this is what all girls do in real life. if you really a jock and new wtf you where doing, YOU WOULDNT EVEN BE ON THIS SITE!

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