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The BRC is valid for five years from the date of completion.

Match Expiration Dates: If you would like to arrange it so that the HME and BRC expire on the same date, follow these steps: Note: If you complete your TSA and HME knowledge test at least 60 days prior to the CDL expiration date, it will make it easier for you to renew in the future by matching up both (HME and BRC) expiration dates.

In most cases, a duplicate license may be obtained online or by phone using a major credit card.

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If you do not wish to do this, you can continue to follow the first instructions above and renew each separately.

Remember, to issue a renewed CDL with the HME, you must have current TSA approval on file at the time of issuance.

Drivers are responsible for renewing their CDL before the expiration date.

Bring the following documents to any CDL office: For most CDL holders, the CDL expiration date is separate from the TSA BRC expiration date.

Therefore, you will be required to follow two separate procedures, one to renew the CDL credential with the hazardous materials endorsement (HME) and the other to renew the BRC.

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