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It’s a testament to Hofner quality and workmanship that his 1961 bass did not disintegrate completely.

In late 1963, Mc Cartney received his second Left Handed Hofner and it immediately took over the main duties.

However, his 1961 bass remained active as his back up bass.

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Most of these were the predominantly used features by Hofner in 1961.

Accordingly, there is a multitude of spec combinations for these early guitars!

The original 1961 bass presented here has a rare combination of features such as individual “Rugby ball” tuners, 3 piece neck without binding, solid carve top, one piece flat back body, no body decal/logo, close spaced "Diamond" pick ups, short neck pick up surround, and a vertical headstock logo.

As with many manufacturers in the '50's and 'early '60's, Hofner did not necessarily have standardized specifications and serial numbers for its various models.

The body, neck and parts were often literally assembled from a rack and bin.

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