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Complicating matters further, the Borrego Water District recently was forced to enter into an agreement with the state saying it will find a way to stop over-drawing the aquifer within 20 years.

"We have no choice," said Borrego Water District General Manager Jerry Rowling.

On average, roughly 5,600 acre-feet of water sinks into the aquifer each year from rainfall and other sources, replenishing the relatively small series of underground basins that stretch from north of Borrego Springs southeasterly into eastern Imperial County.

That doesn't come close to the roughly 20,000 acre-feet of water that has been pumped out of the ground each year for at least two decades.

The town — about 85 miles northeast of San Diego and completely surrounded by Anza-Borrego Desert State Park — is now home to about 3,500 residents.

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