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It may come as a surprise, however the serial quantity around the back of your Gibson Les Paul says quite a little bit about where and when the guitar was made.The Les Paul, among the most popular guitar versions in history, has been via many different evolutions and updates.The system they adopted at that time continues to be fairly a great deal intact today.

Depending around the product sort and yr a specific Les Paul was made, certain nuances on the guitar's serial quantity may be different.

See the guide under to determine what your les paul custom shop's serial quantity means.

In 1984, Gibson decided to near the Kalamazoo, Michigan plant.

for any time period of 5 years, Nashville was the only place that produced Les Pauls. given that that year, all Les Pauls were crafted in both Nashville or Memphis.

It means how the guitar was created on dec 31, 1985, and was the initial a single being completed that day. It is a slight alter that makes the serial quantity on guitars created from the last five many years 9 digits long instead of 8.

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