Dating cheap ideas

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When the tour guide rattles off some questionable tidbit, you’ll be ready to lean over and whisper in her ear "The steam-lathe would hardly have been prevalent in this area during the time—he’s completely glossing over the Paddle-Boat Riots of 1872! S., check here, or simply contact your local library or historical society.They’re as quiet and dark as a normal movie theater, but with no real plot to guide you, you can focus more on the hand-holding.

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Most of these are pretty classy affairs, yet are free or cheap to go to.

Simply get in touch with your local historical society online, book a reservation (these things often fill up in advance, especially if they are completely free), and then you and your date can spend a whole day strolling through beautiful architecture, holding hands, and learning about businesses and whole industries that boomed and died before your grandparents were born!

: To really impress your date, read up on your history before the tour.

If you live too close to the big city to get away from all that light pollution, this can be a great excuse to get away from town for the evening, take a road trip, or go camping.

To get a glimpse of the constellations you can see from where you live, so you’ll know what to look for, simply enter your zip code here.

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