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When Eric brought up the news to Nicole, who had returned with his espresso, she remarked that Kristen "always seemed so moody when she came in." Ironically, in 2013 -- some 15 years later -- Eric, Kristen and Nicole would lock horns in a major storyline, when Kristen drugged and raped Eric, who was then a priest.mainstay, never thought that would be the case during her early years in Salem.She received Outstanding Supporting Actress nominations in 20.

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Read on to find out why they think the duo make such an interesting match.

There was a poll on this site, asking if Daniel and Nicole should reunite.

And who better to help her than ex-lover, Daniel, who's finally moved on from his on-again, off-again romance with Jennifer?

Should the soap opt to go that route, actors Shawn Christian and Arianne Zucker are up for the assignment.

"I'm so glad that they gave me a chance," noted Zucker, who took great joy in "constantly manipulating... As an actor, it's something to chew on."Zucker's been doing a lot of "chewing" during her tenure on the the soap, and she's gotten better with each passing year.

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