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” While some women do dislike their penis-packing counterparts, it likely has nothing to do with whether or not she is a feminist, but is directly related to her own personal experiences.On the contrary, being a feminist does not mean you must hate men. If you believe that a feminist is a woman who isn’t into sex, you haven’t done a Google search of feminists lately.Think dating a feminist is like saying goodbye to your balls? Shake off these misconceptions about dating a modern-day feminist. It seems more and more women *and men* are quick to announce their feminist beliefs these days, but what does it actually mean to believe in feminism, and should men really fear dating someone who believes in it?

If your lady love feels her body is equally entitled to an orgasm every sexy session, you best believe she be lovin’ the sex!

Ridiculous myths about dating a feminist So what are the stereotypes of dating a feminist?

Often pigeonholed as more of a headache than a lover, here are some of the main concerns the non-feminist populous has when it comes to these strong-minded femme fatales. The stereotype following feminists and the joke they are totally sick of hearing is: “So, you hate men?

There are many feminists who have been in loving relationships with men for many years. Modern-day feminists are all about freedom with their bodies, and not being shamed about their sex lives *or lack thereof*.

Feminists are lovers of sex–of satisfying, consensual sex, to be exact.

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