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Dating alizer ru

Because the Artinskian and younger Permian palaeopoles obtained from the Gondwana continents are subject to uncertainties, some studies have adopted a palaeopole (at 41°S, 61°E) largely based on results from ∼280 Ma Permian quartzporphyries in the Southern Alps of Italy as proxy to position Gondwana at that time.

With this palaeoposition and our new ∼280 Ma palaeolatitude for Baltica, a Pangea A reconstruction cannot be supported.

Trachyte dykes have an early Artinskian (mid-Early Permian) age (one dating sample) of 282.6 ± 2.6 Ma, and yielded Dec/Inc = 204.3°/−23.8°, k= 27.7, α95= 6.5°, from N= 19 sites.

The palaeolatitude of the trachyte intrusions is 12.4°± 3.7° N.

Here more attention is drawn to the fact that in the northern areas of the Urals the analogous processes were lagging behind by at least 20 Ma or more compared to the South.

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