ruthenian dating - Dating a photograph by clothing

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A number of new women's styles made their way into the fashion world during the 1860s.

The decade was particularly marked by a change in the shape of women's skirts, both in the use of gored skirt and in the addition of the oval hoop.

Dress skirts and bodices also received more surface decoration, marking a move into the exuberant Victorian age.

A number of women, in rebellion against the male-dictated fashion ethos, discarded their traditional long, tightly corseted dresses and donned shorter, more naturally wasted dresses atop trousers.

Nonetheless, the stylish women still remained stylish, and women's attire continued to evolve into the small-waisted, high-bustled, fringed, and ruffled designs that characterize the late 19 century.

The young girls in the image below display this fashionable new trend in their walking attire. Severa The jockey waist was commonly worn in the 1860s, featuring two points extending from the bodice past the waistline.

In order to keep long skirts from dragging on the ground when walking, cords were fastened at intervals to the inside of the skirt.

The skirt could then be raised from the ground to the desired height, and the cords were tied around the waist.

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