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Hofstede (1997) has devised a composite-measure technique to measure cultural differences among different societies: The U. construction industry has always been adept at winning work overseas, but the lure of reconstruction contracts in places like Afghanistan and Iraq could draw some firms in over their heads.

Large international firms have many resources to deal with the enormous challenges of working in the global marketplace.

These researches argue that consideration of cultural differences is critical when applying observation techniques in cross-cultural research as well as in the applied contexts of performance appraisal and international management.

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The results of the study affirm the importance of cultural influences in research and management.

The first lesson is to drop ethnocentric views that the world should accommodate our method of contracting rather than the other way around. firms interested in China's Olympic building plans and other work, particularly those willing to listen patiently through translation, heard rich detail from Chinese representatives.

In a separate meeting, also held in Chicago last week, ENR brought together construction executives at its annual leadership conference. Although observation is a common research technique, little attention has been given to the effects of culture on observer judgment making.

But the massive reconstruction of countries devastated by war could trip up the best of them.

Political and physical risks are the most treacherous and must be reckoned with.

Cultural dating definition

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