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–Coordinate all activities outlined in the Adult Immunization Standards Cooperative Agreement.Work with partners include the Pharmacist Society of the State of New York, participating NYC pharmacists and pharmacy schools, the Greater New York Hospital Association and others to implement grant activities.This position will work with the provider community and key stakeholders to promote adult vaccination, including for pregnant women, by planning and implementing evidence-based strategies to increase adult vaccination coverage rates and reducing immunization disparities.

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Job Description The mission of the Bureau of Immunization (BOI) is to prevent the occurrence and transmission of diseases through immunization.

The Bureau promotes the immunization of children and adults against numerous vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs).

–Provide technical assistance and support to New York City hospitals, public and private medical facilities that provide vaccines to adults and participate in the development of initiatives related to adult vaccination standing orders and other policies to increase vaccination rates.

–Supervise staff, including project manager of the Adult Immunization Standards Cooperative Agreement; develop tasks and standards and evaluate staff performance annually.

–Take a lead role in developing and completing BOI publications focused mainly on adult immunizations, such as the City Health Information and immunization update letters to providers.

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