College dating safety tips

by  |  18-Apr-2015 02:55

Drink moderately If you are adult enough to be drinking, you need to be mature enough to handle how you drink alcohol. More often than not, a lot of dangers in dating occur while one of the dates is drunk and asleep.

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Trust your gut feeling If you sense that your date does not feel right, do not ignore it. Bring cash Take enough cash that would pay your cab or bus ride home, especially if things go wrong on a date and you need to leave pronto.

Go on a date in groups Group dates reduces the stress of focusing on your date all through the night, especially if you are not sure how interested you are in him or her.

Go out with a group of friends, or another couple, and inform your date that you want to watch this new movie, for instance.

Inform about your itinerary for the day If you have a date later in the night, you need to tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

You do not have to give out the juicy details, but you need to inform a friend, roommate, or relative about your plans for that night.

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