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Clean and Sober Not Dead gets thousand of visitors from all over the world. Just email us at [email protected] we will get it published (1986) all helped to cement Vaughan as one of the great guitar-gunslingers of the 20th century, and his work helped to fire the Blues revival of the mid-1980s. Stevie Ray Vaughan was destroying his life with Old Crown whiskey and cocaine.

His addictions grew so bad that in the middle of a concert in London in 1986 he collapsed on stage and could not go on.

It simply amazes me that there is an online dating site for clean and sober people in recovery to find clean and sober relationships. After all, they have as much right as everybody else. Best of all, registering for membership is absolutely totally free!

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Maybe something regarding the steps, a meeting quote, a recovery poem or a piece of your artwork.

Take the time today to share that special something with our recovery community.

Recovery Date is absolutely a safe and understanding online dating environment.

Once you have finished registering and confirmed your account, start using the site and you will find out just how many members there are in Recovery Date looking for people who enjoy sober love.

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