Christian dating site in malaysia

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After Skyped he asked me to meet in person and I said "why not" (I took it as unseriously discussion) but at the same day (Jakarta time) he booked a flight to visit me. He left Jakarta on Jan 4th 2016 but 1 day before that, he asked my mom to take me out to usa (informal proposal 😛). And July, I went to USA to meet him and his family.He take care of everything from meeting and til now :)He purposed on Aug 26th then on 3rd September we got married :). We wasted no time in moving forward because it became so clear that we meant to be together. I'm Ruby 32 years old from the Philippines single mom with 8years old daughter , I meet my husband in this site his 36 years old from Texas single dad with 8yrs old daughter.

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I love to be in the company of like minds and people of positive interest.

I am an early bird and i love to do all my things following the due process in which things are done.. Can provide you with the best moments of your life without expecting anything in return.

At my free time i do hangout with friends, watch movie, listen to music. l don't need diamonds or rubys but just four characteristics from my man.

nn Firstly, honesty and sincerityn Secondly, faithfulnessn Thirdly, transparencyn Fourthly, spiritual I am a simple,matured minded and easy going person,respectful,honest and diligent.

I love to help people in need and fill their life with happiness.

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