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Were the significant doctrinal differences between me and Holland significant enough? I was sure that with my stellar example and considerable influence, these guys would turn out just fine. Upon closer inspection, maybe I wasn’t okay with my husband-to-be’s friends being frat-boy losers.

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Christian dating 20s

All of these men were professing Christians—surely that was enough? In my 20s, I’d kept my 50-item list of Things I Want in a Future Husband close at hand.

I put dating and marriage on the back burner, assuming if I became successful and self-actualized, a smart, funny, godly, and incredibly hot man would snatch me up as soon as I put myself on the market.

But then my 30s arrived, and smart, funny, godly, and incredibly hot single men were hard to come by. Why weren’t they lining up to take me on hot-air balloon rides and moonlight hikes?

Thinking I had all the time in the world, I had used my 20s to focus on my career.

Really, I was trying to make up for my 20s, which were basically a dating wasteland.

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