Chelsea houska and daniel payne dating am i a loser for online dating

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, a single Chelsea Houska barely survived a nightmare speed dating event with her girlfriends.

But now, just a few months later, the 23-year-old is all tangled up with new man Cole De Boer— literally. Arrests & More: Teen Moms’ 20 Most Shocking Scandals “He cute,” she captioned the photo.

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In an adorable new Instagram shot, the mom of 5-year-old Aubree has her arms and legs thrown around the Sioux Falls, South Dakota traffic control specialist, 25.

"Game night with my two favs," Houska wrote in the caption of a photo of De Boer and Aubree, which she shared on Twitter on Thursday evening.

We just clicked.” Months later, Anderson claims the platonic relationship sparked into something more.

After dating on and off, they officially got together late last month.

With a history of DUIs, car crashes and restraining orders, Adam Lind may seem like a risky choice for romance. The 15 Biggest Secrets & Scandals About ‘Teen Mom 2’ Baby Daddy From Hell Adam Lind “I was going through a lot of marital problems, and I turned to Adam,” the brunette explains.

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