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Amazingly, Taboo's troubles really began as the band became an international success.

You guessed it, the usual 'Behind the Music' stuff, lots of drugs and alcohol and the birth of a son when he was just 18.

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He's been clean and sober for more than three years.

In our chat, Taboo (born Jaime Luis Gómez) brushes off criticism of BEP's much-derided set in Dallas and swears that he's comfortable being a side player in the group.

Taboo phone sex means this sex addicts can do anything when asked to, they know no limits, they have no boundaries neither decency.

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He also opens up about the onslaught of misfortune that nearly sunk him just as the Black Eyed Peas were making it big.(Laughs) Yeah, I let people know I'm a Mexican-American from east LA, and I'm Shoshone Native American, and I represent my Latino culture to the fullest.

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