Chatroulette sex for men dating simulator 6

by  |  20-Feb-2016 10:50

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After messaging for hours and hours, he made the first move to take our talking offline.

High off of the craziness we had just endured from previous Chatrouletters, we demanded he play us a song but his microphone wasn't working.

But when he did strum us a tune, he sounded exactly like Darth Vader. Three hours later, we were still talking and laughing with him.

I had never been on the site, but always thought it was a place where most people only had the intentions of flashing their goods.

(Chatroulette is a place where you can interact with random strangers around the globe via Webcam.) We got started and crossed paths with some pretty, um, interesting people: A super drunk dude with a British accent, and so, so, sooo many weird men dancing (what's up with that?! Several sudden clicks later, we came to a guy with a guitar named Ben.

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