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Cut off time for the Children’s Adventure Day is June 29 and forms can be collected from the Ministry of Youth located in the building just beyond the fence of the Prime Minister’s Office.As schools get ready to close for the end of term holidays, the NPA is opening the gates of the Nelson’s Dockyard to welcome children every day for a fun and learning experience.As this is not a summer camp, children ten and under should be accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult.

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This is an all day event that will be packed with a host of fun activities for the kids, including the exciting Bunjee Jumping, a Treasure Hunt, Face Painting, and a special Dockyard Olympics with fun games and prizes.

On Thursday 19th July, the Nelson’s Dockyard will host Children’s Adventure Day.

The National Parks Authority is in the midst of planning summer activities that will expose children to the history and beauty of the Nelson’s Dockyard and its environs.

Some of the summer camps were specially invited to the Dockyard to be a part of the activities.

The NPA was invited to make a presentation to the camps which was well received by the camp leaders who were in attendance.

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