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by  |  08-May-2016 14:26

Women are only okay with being sexual with a guy if there is at least a bare minimum amount of attraction already there.

What would happen if you used a sexual line to tell a girl something out of the blue like “You are such a sexy woman, you have no idea what I would do to you.” Or let us be even crazier: “Your beauty makes me so hard that I will push you into a wall and lick my way down from your neck to the most feminine part of your body? This way we lay down the foundation for our sexual lines technique, so we can then deliver such lines without facing the many pitfalls.

Our purpose with this post is for you to be able to deliver such lines without falling into all the pitfalls – or at least minimizing the chances of rejection.

If women are actually really into you they will want nothing more than you to escalate things sexually with them (and remember that escalating can either be done physically or verbally).

So a minimum amount of interest is required to pull off this technique.

If you can’t have a normal interaction with her that flows naturally you will have to build more attraction before you can even try to pull off any direct sexual lines like the ones above.

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