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by  |  25-Mar-2015 14:08

Just this past year, the child star Jeremy Jackson—of Baywatch fame—was kicked off Celebrity Big Brother in the UK for drunkenly groping his housemate, the model Chloe Goodman.

Jackson was a self-confessed alcoholic and drug addict, so it’s not hugely shocking he acted out like he did when given access to booze.

Houseguests vote to eliminate one person off the show each week and the last person standing wins 0,000.

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Last night, viewers of the livestream of CBS’s Big Brother seemed to catch what has to be one of the grossest moments in the history of the already-pretty-gross show.

As houseguests Jeff Weldon and Julia Nolan were chatting lazily in bed, Weldon suddenly seemed to start masturbating under the covers beside her.

Houseguests often get a bit stir crazy, cut off from accessing the Internet, TV, magazines, or news, and forbidden from communicating with any friends or family in the outside world.

Every move the contestants make is monitored 24-7 by cameras that feed directly to a livestream (the first week is free on CBS’s website, if you’re so inclined).

And then, as if that weren’t icky enough, he appeared to reach over and wipe his—ahem—end product on her back.

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