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A major interest of the Center is antiplatelet therapy for the treatment of thrombosis: basic mechanisms, standardization of monitoring assays, and clinical outcomes.In addition to the pursuit of our academic interests, we perform studies in collaboration with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and instrumentation companies.

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But unlike those other unfulfilled sci-fi promises, we have the technology necessary to make driverless cars a reality right now.

It included five levels of autonomy ranging from Level 0 ("No Automation") to Level 4 ("Full Self-Driving Automation").

Most cars on the road today are either Level 1 (the driver controls everything) or Level 2 (which incorporates newer bells and whistles like adaptive cruise control and automatic lane centering).

Aside from the very-much-in-beta fully automated vehicles (AVs) currently being road-tested by the likes of Google, technologies that allow cars to operate at least somewhat independently have been with us for years and, in some cases, decades.

In 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) outlining how advanced forms of automation should be introduced to public roads.

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