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Once we were there and were alone he gave me a massage and started kissing my neck and cheeks.

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Or the Indian dr's who fuck every where and want it filmed. He is an artist and we went to his studio to see some of his paintings.

My wife made several videos like this and sent them to me while I was over seas.

She did not tell the men she was with about the cameras so it wouldn't take away from the act. I film a lot of people and many times it is some guy fucking a married woman. Might b I got into a heated arguement with my husband so I went to a club to have a few drinks to cool off.

I was feeling so good and excited that I just let him enter me. Afterward I felt so guilty and left quickly to go home.

I showered and cleaned up and when to bed beside my husband. my husband is the boss at a company and he likes to watch me with other men we got some camers in the bedroom and he sets up to have one of his employes to come to the house to pick something up i would answer the door wearing nothing but sexy underwear i than get them into the bedroom and seduce them any way i can and than let them fuck me My definition of cheating is intercourse.

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