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A common ploy is to research the intended victim and get information beyond what is offered on the dating site, he said.

Will Dorian – had to say: “That’s pretty weird all the way around.”The incident has several hallmarks of the classic online dating scheme, said Dorian, who is with the Albuquerque Police Department’s organized crime unit, which includes white-collar crime. “He’s probably trying it on 15, 20 people at a time.”What he’s doing is trying to see who will bite.

“They’re building up trust as fast as they can.” Dorian referred to a case several years ago in which an Albuquerque woman fell in love with a man she met on a dating site.

That might include a person’s hobbies and interests – favorite movie, favorite song – as well as endearments used by family or friends.“They’re basically portraying themselves as someone the other person is wanting,” Dorian said.

Here’s what the police – specifically Albuquerque Sgt.

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