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"I think it's because we're both actors and very aware of the process She's not the only one who doesn't like having him around and it turns out that it's exactly the same for Dylan when she turns up to work to cheer him on."He hates it when I'm on set when he's working and vice versa," she went on to say."I think it makes sense that we're a little shy and sensitive about working in front of our significant others — to me it makes sense.""When I go visit him I don't even go on set," Britt added, explaining how they've got around the situation.

"And, when he visits me it's very rare that I'll go on set."Okay so these two are so cute we sort of want to hurl, especially if that's seriously the only even vaguely negative thing she has to say about Dylan.

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We can't imagine that having Dylan O'Brien as a snogging partner could ever be considered even slightly a bad thing, but for his girlfriend, actress Britt Robertson, there is one little thing that makes it sucky to have thestar as a boyfriend.

Brittany Daniel dishes about the last season of “The Game” on BET. Did she take anything from the set after “The Game” wrapped?

Plus, we uncovered a commercial Brittany shot with her identical twin sister and Wendy teaches Brittany some terms from the Urban Dictionary.

More than 20 years later, they still get together to look hot on vacation, save Russian tigers, and photobomb 50 Cent.

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