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There a member of his fraternity suggested he get into modeling and so he started doing it his junior year.

It wasn’t practical yet because he was still a full time student, so he started doing it more for real after graduation.

He said he keeps in touch with some of the models from the show but not so much the people who left early. Brett definitely wanted to win AMSM but expected to go out before the end because he didn’t think he was competing at his best.

Concerning Mary Alice Stephenson, Brett he explained that when he backtalked Mary Alice, it was because he was doing runway just as he had been taught to do it and how he had been doing it already professionally.

Still, he said Mary Alice was a positive figure on the show and that she is a great lady and a sweetheart that everyone on the show liked.

Brett mentioned when he first heard the name of the show, it worried him a little bit because he though it would all be ridiculous but in the end it has provided a lot of positive things for him.

He talked about his part in the upcoming movie Penthouse.

The movie is about a person who wins a reality show and moves into a penthouse with several roommates. Brett was in his manager’s office when a producer for the movie came in and recognized him and said he loved seeing Brett on the show and definitely would put him in the movie without the need for an audition.

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