Black gay males for dating

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Racism is very much a reality in the gay dating world, as evidenced by the numerous articles, studies, and think pieces illustrating this sad fact.His sign is the Krispy Kreme Fresh light and he enjoys long walks to the refrigerator.It is not easy to be a young single black gay or bisexual man in the United States.

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This past week was actually the first annual Black Vine Entertainment Awards.

Whether you use an i Phone, Blackberry, Android or Windows phone, your handheld smart device is undoubtedly where you spend the majority of your time.

With recent technological advances you can order a movie, dinner, and a man all with swipe of a finger.

Snap Chat is the app that allows you to send an original picture to a list of friends with a set time limit on how long they can view the picture. Yet, people have been able to still screenshot pics on Snap Chat—but I’ve seen far less of this than screenshots of text messages. Google Drive – For the times you’re actually doing work on your phone, Google Drive makes all of your important documents accessible and easy to send via email. Batman Arkham Origins – The only game to make my list, Batman AO is a fighter game that works really well on the i Phone.

Google Drive comes to your rescue when your laptop starts freezing up 2 minutes before your deadline, searching for jobs on my way to work and sending my resume via Google Drive has almost become a new hobby for me. As a traditional gamer, I prefer having a joystick and buttons to push, so I never got into fight games for phones. In 2014, let’s be less judgmental of others and more realistic with ourselves.

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